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The Four Last Things: Death, Judgment, Heaven, Hell

Fr. Michael Schmitz

Fr. Mike Schmitz is one of the leading Catholic speakers in the Church today. Fr. Mike tackles four very difficult topics in this exceptional presentation: Death, Judgement, Heaven, and Hell. Listen to this talk and finally get the answers to the question: "What Happens When I Die?"

Following the main presentation is a bonus from the talk Purgatory: Holy Fire by Dr. Scott Hahn. This bonus is part of the 6-CD set by Dr. Hahn titled Answering Common Objections.

Average Rating: 4.59 based on 39 ratings
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Customer Comments

In his ever engaging and witty style, Father Mike answers the tough questions about Life and Death. I could listen to this talk over and over again for greater insights on Heaven and our purpose on this earth. Jill - Sycamore, IL
Wow everyone needs to hear Fr. Schmitz explain the Last Four Things! Everyone who hears this CD will be changed forever. Idell - Grand Rapids, MI
In his usual high energy style, Fr. Mike Schmitz takes you on a thought provoking journey into the mysteries of the afterlife! Julie - Sterling, VA
The Four Last Things: Death, Judgement, Heaven, Hell I thought was really great. I liked the demo by Scott Hahn too. The topic of "Finished Work" is a tough topic to relate with purgatory for protestants in breaking through. We need this! :) Avery - New Orleans, LA
The Four Last Things is very inspirational talk and current. I would recommend this to anyone. Alen - Belgrade, ME
Fr. Schmitz is an excellent teacher. His understanding on Catholic spirituality is excellent, and his insights are wonderful. This talk enriched my love for Christ in the Eucharist. Michael - Fontana, CA
Fr. Michael did a fantastic job engaging the listener and adding humor to his educational and informative talk. I have already shared this with family and friends and listened to it more than once. Informative, humorous and engaging! Hunter - Saugus, CA
Father Michael did a great job catching the listener's attention. I am a teenager and appreciate the way the CD applied to me and was able to keep me interested. I learned a lot and truly enjoyed it. I wish to share it with all of my family and friends! Hunter - Santa Clarita, CA
Funny and entertaining but also very informative and hits it home! Chelsea - Kennewick, WA
I've listened to this CD 6 times in 2 months and have gained more insight into my own spiritual journey every single time. Entertaining and Enlightening every single time. One of the best CDs to help with conversions. Orest - Sterling Heights, MI
Fr. Schmitz is an excellent speaker. His talk was entertaining and informative. Lindsay - Basehor, KS
realizing that no matter how faithful we are, we still love ourselves more than God Ana Maria - Casa Grande , AZ
love how down to earth Fr. Michael Schmitz is and how he explains it in simple terms. justina - shelby twp, MI
I loved Fr. Mike's engaging style and personal touch. He brings joy and hope to the talk. This talk helped me to clarify some things about heaven, hell, and judgment that I did not understand. I am a youth minister and use several of the concepts from this talk with youth. James - Scottsdale, AZ
Fr. Mike took a very complicated subject and was able to explain it in a way that helped me not only understand it myself, but give me tools to explain it to others. Sister Paul Mary - Pocatello, ID
The talk was well done by Fr. Mike. The information renewed my earlier religious studies. He also added reinforcement to the subject of free choice and 'God's will be done." MICHAEL - PlainTownship, OH
Just putting reality into perspective. I am so tuned to the flesh and things of the here and now. I need to think less about me "doing it anyway" and more about being devoted to God and attaining the ultimate outcome of reaching heaven. Sharon - Tuncurry, NSW
Fr. Michael Schmitz is an exceptional speaker! I didn't want the talk to end! This talk was easy to understand and very relatable. He had my attention from the very beginning to the very end. This is a great talk especially for those that need a better understanding of what happens after death and how to prepare our souls for Heaven. Fr. is quick and to the point. I would recommend for everyone to listen to this talk. It has answered a lot of questions and has made me feel even closer to Christ. Taylor - Collierville, TN
So very thought provoking. Really put Purgatory into understandable terms for both young and old alike. He's very high spirited, and you can tell he has a great love for Christ and his Church. Barb - Linn Creek, MO
I listened to it (and several others) on my long drive from FL to MD and back. I found it very informative and able to keep me engrossed. It made the trip go by much faster. Fr. Michael is an excellent speaker. Nancy - Mt. Dora, FL
Fr. Mike is funny and gets the point across . I feel that most of the questions I have personally , concerning what we go through after death was explained by Fr. Mike in this CD. He opened my mind to a better understanding of GOD's love for us, ( and to start getting my act straight now) so I can truly enjoy His love for me when I die (after purgatory). I always thought purgatory was bad, however , now I know why there is a need to be there before we can be worhy of His kingdom on heaven. I truly understand now that at least there is HOPE and a great reward after purgatory. I can only pray that I make it there and all my loved ones as well. Thank you for the enlightenment I received from your CD. Ellen - The Villages, FL
I wish the entire world could listen to this remarkable talk!!! Margaret - Camby, IN
It gave me new ways to think about purgatory, which is a topic that I have struggled with. It was inspirational as well as educational. Maureen - Manistee, MI
Fr. Smidtz's rapid-fire delivery and delightful sense of humor. Bob - Port Clinton, OH
The life and energy. The great , accessible explanation of purgatory Bonnie - edmonton, AB