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Jesus the Bridegroom: The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

Dr. Brant Pitre

Dr. Brant Pitre is an enthusiastic and engaging speaker who regularly lectures throughout the country. In this stunning talk, Dr. Pitre applies his knowledge of the Jewish roots of Christianity to the very heart of the Gospel: the love of Christ. You will learn what it really means to have a “personal relationship” with Jesus Christ as Lord, Savior, and Bridegroom.

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Wow! Learning all the history and facts behind our Sunday Sabbath certainly makes for an easier decision to keep it holy! Thank you! Mary - Lindstrom, MN

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Amazing teaching on the Eucharist!! Such fullness; so rich in history... The more I learn, the more I love our Faith! Lydia - Windham, NH

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Prepare for the month of the Rosary! Re-stock your kiosk with 20% off quantities of 5 or more on this Marian title. Offer valid until October 31, 2019 or while supplies last!

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This is a powerful presentation that not only reminds us why we are catholic, but it also provides ways we can explain it to others who may ask us why! Mary - Lindstrom, MN

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Following the main presentation is a bonus from the talk Purgatory: Holy Fire by Dr. Scott Hahn. This bonus is part of the 6-CD set by Dr. Hahn titled Answering Common Objections.


In his ever engaging and witty style, Father Mike answers the tough questions about Life and Death. I could listen to this talk over and over again for greater insights on Heaven and our purpose on this earth. Jill - Sycamore, IL

Customer Comments

One of the most clear, intelligent, and passionate explanations of salvation history I have ever heard! God's covenant relationship with humanity is revealed beautifully! Christopher - Bethlehem, PA
This talk touched my heart! Anyone who feels they don't WANT to go to Mass should listen and come to understand what is: "Happy are those called to the supper of the Lamb!" Donna-College Station, TX
What a heartfelt, powerful, and factual presentation! This talk is for earthly marriages, as well as our future heavenly marriage with our Bridegroom—and one that is needed desperately today. Monica - Whichita, KS
Priceless! Clarifies the confusion Catholics and non-Catholics have in regards to the sacraments of Marriage and the Eucharist. Diane
A most stirring and tender description of how Jesus loves us. Julie- Sterling, VA
Amazing!!! Opened my eyes to passages in the Bible that I never understood. Mary Jo - Mobile, AL
Dr. Pitre does it again with excellent incite into the true meaning of salvation. Details right in front of our eyes, yet hidden in scripture until this unveiling. BRAVO! Norm - Biloxi, MS
Dr Pitre unfolds the rich connection between the Hebrew wedding and the incredible beauty and wonder of our God’s plan to unite us to himself in the most intimate of all personal relationship. Nancy - Union City, TN
Every Catholic should listen to this talk in order to understand the deepest meaning of the Cross and the Eucharist. Julie-Mastic Beach, NY
Great talk! An inspiration for many. Mickey - Philadelphia, PA
I love the way the Old and New Testament are woven together to explain Jesus' love for us and how they fit together seamlessly! It is an honor to be a member of Jesus' Holy Church. Cheryl - Vernon, NJ
The presentation was a refresher for all we have been taught through the years. In my parish we have a weekly Catholic Q & A Class and we also have various Bible Studies. This presentation re-enforced all that we have been studying and was very informative. I have passed it on to my fellow Catholic Q & A members. Mary Lynell - Baton Rouge, LA
The talk helped me to see beyond what the words in the Bible say....but what they mean!! Helen - Matthews, NC
All the references to marriage and the cross. I have listened to the mp3 three times now and learn more and more every time. I will never look at a crucifix in the same way again. Elizabeth - Jenison, MI
The biblical explanation and relating the Bible passages to each other. Cecil - La Mirada, CA
Gave a deeper meaning not only to Jesus and the church but to the vocation of marriage.WE have decided that from now on we would give a copy of this CD and a crucifix has an engagement present. Susan - Mountain Top, PA
This talk - like all others from the Lighthouse Catholic Media - is great; a real eye opening about the marital relationship of Jesus Christ's love for us - as His Church/the bride - as simple as that. Pat, Denver, CO Patricia - Denver, CO
Dr Brant Pitre really speaks with passion and speaks to the hearts of Cristians. So for those who are not so intellectual we can still learn a lot. ricardo - san jose, CA
It is a very compelling and heart opening talk that brings you into the love that Christ has for us all. Joseph - Coatesville, PA
I have so savored this CD. Dr. Pitre helps connect us to a critical biblical message that get underplayed. His insights are amazing. I have listened to this CD at least four times. I have shared it with others who have the same opinion. I am trying to get it back to hear it again. The notes available online are quite helpful. We all would greatly benefit from more selections like this. Robert - Mandeville, LA
Well, I keep hearing about Jesus being the Bridegroom, but I never really understood it till NOW!!!! So thank you for making this presentation available by CD! It was so beautiful and inspiring, to view the love of God for us in this way! It's just making much more sense! Thank again!
I loved it all it just drew me in and i kept listening to it over and over again for days! Angelique - AMARILLO, TX
How the Dr. Pitre talk to the audience in a language that you can understand very easy . Gerardo Segundo - Fayetteville, NC
It was filled with emotion and I it helped me deepen my spirituality and understanding of the term "bridegroom". Brian - Augusta, GA
Dr. Pitre speaks with such great passion and emotion that his talks always help me to truly appreciate the wonder and immense love of our Lord. Bridget - Chapel Hill, NC
It increased my appreciation for Jesus' love for me, and thus increased my love for Him. It made me want to be the most beautiful bride for my husband and especially for Christ. It also, once again, made me grateful to be a Catholic and able to receive His true presence with every Holy Communion. I love the Church and wish everyone could see Her beauty. Mary - Hammond, LA
There are many Sundays in the liturgical year when we hear wedding references in the readings, but I had never stopped to think how many there are, and how they demonstrate God's love to us in a very intimate way, with Jesus as the Bridegroom. This was explained in such a beautiful way and was made so personal, that I got quite emotional while listening to it. And when Dr. Pitre got choked up as well, I was touched even more. I've listened to many of your cd's and love them all, but this is the best one yet. I highly recommend it, and I've been telling everyone about it. I gave my copy to our RCIA director and hope that he will get some copies for the participants for when they enter the Church at Easter. Linda - Kokomo, IN
Simply and logically presented. Full of passion and eloquence. Deeply and richly rewarding. I now understand the central mystery of our faith so much more in an intellectual yet heartfelt way so much more now. I listen to it in my car over and over again, so the truth will just wash over me and permeate every part of my being! Greg - Wollongong, NSW
Each of these were fantastic to listen to, and also to pass on to others, They opened my eyes to the full picture and meaning. Pat - Lapeer, MI
This is an excellent CD. Dr. Pitre does an excellent job presenting the information in a way that I can understand, as I am Protestant considering converting to the Church. Dr. Pitre is an excellent teacher! Frederick - Woodstock, GA
The depth of understanding. I truly appreciate how the old and new testament were brought together to explain the marriage feast and the true depth of love that our Lord truly has for us. It truly transformed my heart. Thank you deeply. Shawn - CO
Dr. Brant Pitre is a dynamic speaker who captivates an audience and allows the listener's mind to be transported in time to the period when Jesus traveled the earth. His understanding of Jewish customs awakens the listener to a greater understanding and appreciation for Jesus and his life on earth. Dr. Pitre's love for Jesus permeates his talk. I would recommend this talk to everyone. Suzette - Covington
Dr. Brant Pitre has a wonderful way of presenting the material, and his humility and love for Christ and His Church is inspiring. He is so knowledgeable about Scripture. Based on this talk, I now understand more about the Passover Supper Jesus celebrated on what we celebrate as Holy Thursday and Jesus' last words on the Cross. Joan - North Kingstown, RI
Sharing with my family and friends. Bambi - Folsom, LA
I loved how passionate Brant Pitre was on this podcast! He actually nearly stared crying at one point, you knew he truly believed what he was saying and was transformed by it. It was a very beautifully moving talk and has helped me want to love and know God more than just a personal relationship but as a bridegroom!!! The way I feel when reading the bible now has changed and helped emensely in my prayer life! Katherine - St. Pierre Jolys , MB
I would like to hear more on the subject. Melissa - Tampa, FL
Very deep Catholic spirituality, with real life application. Autumn - Holly, MI
Excellent companion to Dr Scott Hahn's talks on covenants. Marcelino - waukegan, IL