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Praying the Rosary Like Never Before

Dr. Edward Sri

Dr. Edward Sri is a nationally sought Catholic speaker who appears regularly on EWTN, and is a founding leader of FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students). In this discussion of his book The New Rosary in Scripture: Biblical Insights on Praying the Twenty Mysteries (Servant Books), Dr. Sri shares Pope Saint John Paul II's practical strategies for praying the Rosary better, so that you can encounter Jesus more deeply in prayer.

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Prayer & Devotions, Mary


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Customer Comments

Awesome! Dr. Sri covers this subject in depth. I’ll need to listen to it two or three times to find all the golden nuggets hidden in this talk. Richard - Simi Valley, CA
The rosary is all about Jesus... from now on, ‘praying’ the rosary will be much more than ‘reciting’ the rosary! Jane, Kansas City, MO
This talk makes understanding the rosary very easy. The talk makes the rosary exciting. It benefited my understanding of the rosary; it's not an old traditional prayer, but a very lively and exciting prayer that will bring you close to God! James - LaGrange Park, IL
Really loved it! Now I could relate to the rosary which I've been praying, and now recognize the beauty of it. Donna - Peterborough
Practical advice for praying the Rosary more effectively. Anonymous
Dr. Sri was engaging and spoke in such a way that even though he was addressing a large group, I felt as though he was speaking directly to me. His ability to share personal examples in such a way most people could relate to made the relevance of his content even more engaging and worth listening to throughout the talk. Martin - Flint, MI
I liked how it encouraged us to keep praying even if we didn't feel good about how well we are doing it. Frances - Nebraska City, NE
It was great! I enjoyed the information, the way it was presented, the energy of the presenter. I learned more about my faith and really did learn how to pray the rosary like never before! Susan - Casselberry, FL
I actually learned something about the rosary. I will be buying Dr. Sri's book!! Kristee - Kansas City, KS
I was able to see the rosary through a completely new lens! Steven - Issaquah, WA
I was able to better understand the value of repetition. Joseph - North Aurora, IL
References to the devotion of Pope John Paul II to the rosary and his vision to renew devotion to the rosary in the Church. Louise - London, ON
I love reciting the rosary, but listening to it while driving is very serene and peaceful. I figure if we can drive our cars bleating music of zero consequence, it sure felt righteous driving with the stereo loud playing the rosary! I truly enjoyed the wonderful feeling of driving while reciting the rosary. The voices on the CD are calming, yet supportive. Simply, it's an excellent experience! Jessica - Orlando, FL
Dr. Edward Sri's presentation was very informative and "down to Earth." He takes his Catholicism very seriously and is extremely knowledgeable, but you never forget that he's a member of the laity, just like you and me. Rita - Waterford, MI
Dr. Sri's ability to be lighthearted and sincere in his talk while adding a bit of humor! He enlightened me to take a new, more in depth look at the meaning of the Rosary in my own life and in the lives of others. Patricia - Richmond, TX
Dr. Sri helped me embrace the praying of the Rosary in a deeper way. His practical strategies provides ways in which the Catholic can integrate the Rosary in a renewed way. Edward - Kerrville, TX
I<m from the old teachings never new there was anything new about the rosary I have 6 kids I'll have have to see if they learned the rosary in there ccd classes that's we used to call them but I really enjoyed the cd he was a great speaker elaine - orange, CA
The true story on how how important it is to pray the rosary Joyce - TX
The presenter was engaging and I could tell the topic meant something to the speaker. I learned so much about the rosary and will be more conscious of what I am praying the next time. I loved every moment and can't wait to read the book! Nicole - Edina, MN
I now have a renewed love of the rosary and am excited to read Dr Sri's book on this topic. Rachelle - Tarneit, VIC
Biblical proofs that affirm praying the Rosary is OK with God and can bring us closer to Him Vedasto - Pomona, CA
Dr Sri was so down to earth. He made it so much easier to understand praying the Rosary. I have always been intimidated by the Rosary but I will be praying it more because of Dr Sri Laura - Ambler, PA
Understanding more thoroughly about how Pope John Paul II saw the rosary. I also enjoyed learning about how he felt the Hail Mary was a Christ-centered prayer and breaking down the prayer piece by piece. AnnaMarie - Lawrenceville , GA
Very inspirational. I learned better ways to say the rosary, with more intensity and less distraction. Also answers Protestant objections to the rosary. Sandy - Elgin, TX
We have always had a great devotion to,praying the rosary daily in our family. Dr. Sri's insights are so powerful and grow food for meditation. We really liked the "speed bump" to focus on the name of Jesus when we pray the Hail Mary. Very well done. Highly recommend this talk. ML - Hutchinson, KS
Edward Sri always makes things clear. Sharon - Boerne, TX
First of all, Dr. Sri was very engaging and humorous. He made you want to listen. He does not come across as a "know-it-all," but opens your mind with facts you already know but have not applied to the Rosary prayers. I loved it and will definitely suggest it to others. Stan - Cincinnati, OH
Dr. Sri brought a wide range of perspectives and made it very easy to grasp. James - Calgary, AB
I feel better about having inevitable distactions while praying the rosary. His hints on adding the mystery after each "road bump,Jesus"will be something I want to try. I want my hubby to hear this,too! Linda - Fremont, OH
Sri's honest reflection on how difficult it can be to pray he rosary with full attention to all the details Stony Plain, AB