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Chris Stefanick

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI considered Moral Relativism to be the most dangerous dictatorship existing in the world today. in this presentation, Chris Stefanick debunks the powerful and epidemic myth of relativism with honesty, relevance, humor, and logical validity, offering a much-needed perspective on the current status quo of morality.

"If you only listen to one CD this year, listen to 'Relativism' by Chris Stefanick!" - Matthew Kelly

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Apologetics, Evangelization, Youth


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Customer Comments

This is always an uncomfortable topic to discuss with friends and family, and it is certainly the underpinning issue with almost all moral evils of our day! Chris gave me concrete and charitable ways to challenge this mode of thinking. Elliot - IL
EVERY teen, especially those in preparation for Confirmation should listen to this. So should EVERY Catechist and EVERY parent! This talk is JAM PACKED with TRUTH that our society NEVER wants to talk about. It covers so many HOT BUTTON TOPICS in a way that TRULY opens your eyes! THANK YOU, CHRIS! And, thank you Lighthouse for providing this talk!!! William
It's hard to narrow it down - the entire talk is of the utmost importance in today's world. Relativism is truly the most sickening evil in society and no one seems to be aware of it at all. THANK GOD for L.C.M.! As a "Catholic in training", I am eternally grateful for your organization. Bless you all! Morgan - Fargo, ND
This was great, entertaining, and great for the Catholic youth of today and on an important issue. Michael - CA
Very informative and entertaining. Very good. Listened to it several times. Bill - GA
I liked how this talk gave me a better awareness of what relativism is and how it has affected the world. It made me think about the ways that I've allowed relativism to affect me, and now I can try to fight against it in myself and in those around me. Ean - MI
I enjoyed how he used humor to talk about relativism and how it is corroding our society. John - Houston, TX
It was fantastic to hear someone speak who has a real conviction that there is a Truth in this world, which today's society does not recognize. I have been struggling in trying to defend even the most basic tenets of my faith to my friends because even basic Truths are criticized and called "hateful" or "judgmental" in our society today. In this talk I found the solidarity and encouragement I needed to stand strong in confessing that there is a Truth and relativism has no power against it. Christie - Mason, OH
He was very excited to talk about the topic!! This is a pressing issue and I feel that people need to know about it. Zachary - Gulf Breeze, FL
Chris is very energized and youthful and dynamic in the way he speaks and he really brings the message clearly to the audience and makes it very relevant to our lives. Elizabeth - Holmen, WI
This topic is vital in today's culture - I would highly encourage anyone to get a copy! Jim - Corpus Christi, TX
I enjoyed the tone of the talk and just how relevant it was to our current situation in the world Bryan - Flowery Branch, GA
His kid appeal. He tells it straight. I gave a CD to the youth group leader at church and told her every senior needed a copy before going off to college. NC
I am happy that I found this presentation. I have always known that moral relativism was a short sighted and self serving doctrine. After listening to this talk I have a much better ability to counter common arguments. Tolerance is not a virtue but a cop out. You must stand for something if not you stand for nothing. These points made about the secular virtue of tolerance does not apply to those that oppose their view, which is one of the points I enjoyed the most. Ken - Nichols, IA