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Rome Sweet Home

Dr. Scott Hahn

Scott and Kimberly Hahn have spoken all over the world about their conversion to the Catholic Church. This book tells the story of the incredible spiritual journey that led them to embrace Catholicism. Their conversion and love for the Church has captured the hearts and minds of thousands Catholics and has brought many lukewarm Catholics back into active participation in the Church.

Pages: 188
Book Dimensions: 5.25" x 8"


Praise for Rome Sweet Home:

“One of the beautiful and bright-shining stars in the firmament of hope for our desperate days is this couple and the story of their life and conversion.” 
Dr. Peter Kreeft - Professor of Philosophy at Boston College

“Dynamic, fresh, and devoted are terms which describe the approach that Scott and Kimberly Hahn take to assist in the renewal of the Church in the United States.” 
Archbishop John Myers - Archbishop of Newark, NJ

“The integrity, courage, and intelligence which marked the pilgrimage of these two Christians in response to the claims of the ancient Church are deeply impressive.” 
Thomas Howard - Author of Evangelical is Not Enough

Average Rating: 4.87 based on 15 ratings
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Customer Comments

Most Catholics don't understand much Catholicism like Hahn's family. Thanks Hank - Houston, TX
Hearing this talk was one of the biggest catalysts to my conversion back to the Catholic Church. I had left upon going away to college to become a member of a non-deonominational community. My grandmother had given me the CD two years before I decided to listen to it, but when I did, my view of Catholicism changed drastically, for the better! The most pivotal moment was hearing Dr. Hahn read the Bread of Life discourse from John 6. At the time I did not know that was in the Bible. I remember thinking to myself, "If only that was in the Bible somewhere, then it would be clear that the Catholic Church is right about the Eucharist." Jessica - 97124, OR
Instrumental in our conversion to Catholicism from the protestant church. Emily - Alexandria, LA
Somebody cared enough about me to give this book to me as a gift. Sheri - Maryville, TN
Scott Hahn is an amazing speaker and his journey home is inspiring. Monica - Rochester, NH
I actually picked up the Lighthouse version book of Rome Sweet Home by the Hahns. It was being offered through my parish display but I did not know it because I had not crossed the threshold in 6 months. I had been feeling nudged by the Holy Spirit but the night before, I was SHOVED by the spirit back to the sacraments! I was there for reconciliation with my husband & children (teens) & we all came out of the confessional in tears. We were converts who had let our fire for the True Church dwindle to embers & the pain was terrible. I just finished reading the book (bought Monday, today is Friday) & I feel my love and desire for communion with Him returning strongly! Like Dr Hahn, I read my way into the Church. My husband had never received a single sacrament but had never been to any other church. He considered himself Catholic, though he knew nothing about it. Our daughter was 9 & son was 6 when we were all received Easter 2006. Our RCIA & RCIC experiences were so wonderful, we stayed a 2nd year & ended up as sponsors in 07. I can point to exactly when I began to be angry with Him, though I cannot share, it is not my story to tell. The others followed my lead & we let the world get in our way. This book made me remember why I am Catholic, why I believe what I believe & why I have missed the Eucharist so much. Thank you! I am now pulling out my other Lighthouse cds to keep it going. Lisa - Augusta, GA
It was a wonderful look or reminder into what we have as Catholics and sometimes take for granted, and just beautiful to see through the eyes of the authors. Gabriela - Indio, CA
This is a book that is a must read for not only every Catholic at the very LEAST, but for ALL who walk this earth!! It has changed me PROFOUNDLY. Thank you Scott and Kimberly Hahn!!!! Please keep up the GREAT work and thank you Lighthouse Catholic Media for making so much available to us. I just enjoyed my first download on the persecution of the Church/Catholics in Mexico and came here to rate it but couldn't find it in the titles available above so I'm rating the wonderful book I mentioned above. I was so impressed that I've put in an order for two more for friends as well as 5 CD's. Thanks again, Ted Piecyk Theodore - Pomfret Center, CT
A wonderful story - light-hearted and easy reading, yet inspiring and educational at the same time. You can't help feeling happy to read about Scott and Kimberly finding their way home. Theresa - Kulim
This book reminded me of my own journey to the catholic church from a protestant upbringing and has helped renew my zeal for Christ. Joshua - Silverhil, AL
I am presently in RCIA at Prince of Peace in Taylors, SC. This book by Dr. Hahn and his wife, Kimberly, helped me so much, especially since I am converting from Protestantism to Catholicism. I can relate to their own personal struggles as well as their spiritual victories. Awesome!!! Marjorie - Greer, SC