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The Body and Blood of Christ

Dr. Scott Hahn

In this informative presentation, Dr. Scott Hahn, a former Presbyterian minister, provides the biblical basis for the Church's teaching on the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist and the significance of the Feast of Corpus Christi, and gives us a greater understanding of our vocation to be the living presence of Christ in the world.

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Customer Comments

This is an excellent tool for catechesis! I am using it in the 'Why Catholic?' program. Joe - Huntley, IL
Dr. Hahn explains the foundation and significance of the Feast of Corpus Christi and how we are all a part of the Body of Christ. Megan - Norwalk, CT
I really enjoy Dr. Hahn. It was refreshing to hear how he used the Gospels to remind us that Jesus truly is our bread for life in the Eucharist. Belinda - Colorado Springs, CO
Dr. Scott Hahn has a way of bringing faith to life. His discussion on how the OT is required to fully understand the NT was helpful. Vincent - Syracuse, NY
It helped me truly appreciate more the body and blood of Christ and the Church and who God really is and what I owe him - everything - love with all my heart, my soul, my strength and my mind. Clair - Corpus Christi, TX
The question and answer part was very informative. Thomas - Alexandria, VA
The delivery of Dr. Hahn is authoritative, but it also gently uses the Socratic method. He reflects on possible questions as he gives clear answers to common questions and misconceptions. A sage of our time. Robert - Forest City, NC
It was refreshing and inspiring to hear Scott talk passionately about the total presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. I gained a more profound understanding about the Catholic Church as a sacrament of Christ and the nature of her structure. I was moved by the call for me to share this truth with people around me. Bing - Milton, ON
This was the most powerful and transformative talk I have heard from Lighthouse Catholic Media. Thank the Lord for Dr. Scott Hahn! I had always believed in transubstantiation because I had been taught it, but Dr. Hahn convinced me entirely in this teaching! It has led to a complete change in how I view the Eucharist and the gift of Jesus' body here on earth. I have been participating in Adoration since I heard this CD. It has been the most amazing experience!! I sent this to my sister whom we are trying to bring back to the Church. I hope it convinces her, too. Elizabeth - Gouldsboro, PA
The depth of detail that is used to tie the Word of God from the bible into Catholic teaching/tradition in regard to the Eucharist. Also, the charge, given with such excitement and sincerity, that we, as Catholics, should be telling all Christians, and non-Christians of course, about the fact that we as Catholics have the fullness, the most excellent way, to live this charge from Jesus, that He came that we might have life and have it to the full! It is more and more urgent to re-awaken this society to the message of Jesus Christ, and Catholics need to get "back in the game" of evangelizing all our brothers and sisters. Tim - Spring Hill, TN
I have listened to this CD at least 15 times and hear something new every time I listen. I have purchased 6 copies to give to friends. I gave a copy to friend at work a copy who is attending RCIA instruction. It has opened my eyes and heart and I am very appreciative that a friend gave me a copy. I am a "cradle Catholic" and realize there is some much to learn about the Catholic faith. Dr. Hahn is a great speaker. Thank you! Catherine - Arvada, CO
Reiterated that the Eucharist is truly the Body and soul of Christ. S - Cedar Creek, TX
very interesting i learned a lot. thank you patricia