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The Incredible Mind of G.K. Chesterton

Dale Ahlquist

Dale Ahlquist, founder of the American Chesterton Society, masterfully presents the genius of Catholic convert and 20th century literary giant G.K. Chesterton. He shares how this “King of Satire” predicted many of the societal ills of our day and pointed out the remedies for them. Discover the wisdom of this literary critic, playwright, novelist, Catholic theologian, and apologist.

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Apologetics, Personal Growth


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Customer Comments

Chesterton has a wealth of wisdom and humor! Monica - Wichita, KS
With great humor, Dale Ahlqvist shares the wisdom of this great writer and defender of the Catholic Faith! Donna - College Station, TX
Chesterton's writings were made so clear, simple, and relevant by Dale Ahlqvist.... I learned important truths about marriage and family. Daniel - Vancouver, BC
It has helped me to focus on why being Catholic is important. I have been very lax in my practice and it has given me a better understanding of the religion I was born into and haven't always appreciated. Lisa - Burlington, VT
Engaging, entertaining, yet powerfully educational Christy
Dale Ahlquist's approach is engaging and informative. I really enjoyed learning more about G.K. Chesterton. I am going to recommend it immediately. Ellen - Fort Worth, TX
I loved everything about it. I am a fan of G.K. Chesterton. This talk told his thoughts and applied it to why I am in love with the Catholic church. I am a convert of a number of year, and it always good to listen to other people who are converts that love our church like I do. It so challenged me to learn more dogmas of our church to be ready to defend her in the turbulent years we are going through. Thank you for bringing this talk to my attention. Rachel - Mountain Home, AR
The incredible wit and wisdom of Chesterton in an easy to follow and interesting talk, Lynne - Tiffin, OH
I enjoyed learning about the mind of G.K. Chesterton via Dale Ahlquist using humor to accentuate and explain Catholic dogma. I feel like I have gained in the area of apologetics while listening to the CD. A great CD which I will listen to again. Rosemary - Fredericksburg, VA
The talk reinforced the the way we as Christians should be thinking and living.How everything comes together in our lives if God is our focus. Ron - St.Clair, MI
Excellent combination of humor, inspiration and solid Catholic teaching. Very encouraging and strengthening. Paul - Santa Paula, CA
His use of direct quotes of G'M Chesterson Michele - Woodstock , MD
Don't understand why we (Catholics) don't hear more about these kind of inspiring individuals who can help us all understand our faith so much better by their simple words and their life example. Thank you also to Bishop Barron for helping make GKC known as such a Pivitol Player! Orest - Sterling Heights, MI