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No Turning Back

Fr. Donald Calloway M.I.C.

How is a diehard agnostic transformed into a fervent apostle of Christ? Fr. Donald Calloway, a former drug dealer, will have you on the edge of your seat as he candidly shares the amazing story of how he was unexpectedly led into the Catholic Faith and to the priesthood by God's grace and the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary. His conversion can be compared to that of St. Augustine. Formerly titled: Former Drug Dealer to Catholic Priesthood

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Inspirational, Conversion Stories


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Customer Comments

Awesome!! Every aspect was awesome, riveting at times, especially when he described the Holy Eucharist! Sandra - Wendel, IN
This story is gripping!! Fantastic and very appealing to males as they can relate to it. Our whole family enjoyed it! Amy - Springfield, IL
I kept this CD in my car's CD player for months. It convinced me to go to Medjugorje, which changed my life forever! Teresa - Bowling Green, OH
It is extremely amazing to hear how Mother Mary reaches out to someone who is lost and brings them to the Lord Jesus. And, not just bringing him to Jesus, but bringing him to become a priest to teach and lead others to Jesus as well. Chad - Gaylord, MI
It really showed how easy it can be to be drawn to the Catholic Church when all else in life is just an empty void of unfulfilling pleasures. Kurtis - Plant city, FL
My husband and I are a blended family, and we have 5 grown children who are not following any type of faith. One of them is very rebellious and confrontational about our beliefs. I loved Fr. Donald's story; it reminds me much of my own, but of course I am not a priest or nun. His story gives anyone hope. Thank you! Julie - Littleton, CO
It really enlightened me on the person that I am meant to be. All of the topics interest me. Brenda - Flint, ME
Amazing and excellent. Since listening to this CD, I have started praying for our Catholic priests and also for vocations in a very powerful way. Thank God for his love and mercy. I think once a priest is ordained, his hands become the hands of Jesus. Hence, once a priest always a priest. He has the power to turn the little bread and wine into His Body and Blood. Jesus, who gave the bread and wine at the last supper, gives us his Body and Blood at the hands of a priest at every Mass. Marion - Burlington, ON
Absolutely fascinating and inspiring. Fr. Donald shares his intimate life story with humor and honesty. A lesson in spirituality and faith for everyone looking for guidance and hope. Michelle - Hamden, CT
It offered reassurance that we can be continually forgiven by the Lord's Mercy and Love, and the need for us to foster vocations. It also offered me hope for many of my family and friends. Bill - Fort Wainwright, AK
All of the talks are very inspiring and moving. I enjoyed everything. I want more and more. I love all of them. Jennifer - Oxford, MI
I loved listening to this unbelievable conversion story! I cannot tell you how many times I have listened to it! And I just keep on listening to it. EVERYONE needs to hear Fr. Calloway's story. Truly amazing! RoseAnna - Baton Rouge, LA
There is great hope for our teens today and families because we live in a very confused and dying society. A great hope for every mom and dad. It's a real live encounter with God our creator. Mary - Port Coquitlam, BC
I first heard Fr. Calloway's story from my brother, Fr. Cecil Spotswood. It's such an awesome story that is so typical of our Lord. He is so mighty and can take the lowest of the low and make great things happen. I plan on sharing this CD with family and friends who I feel are lost and who don't have a lot of hope. Thank you for all the wonderful CDs that you offer. They are such good learning tools for me and very inspirational. God bless! Suzy - Mobile, AL
I enjoyed Fr. Donald's honesty. I really think that his willingness to admit his own faults and struggles will give others the courage to follow Christ. Tim - Natick, MA
I especially enjoyed his acceptance of the Catholic Faith. gines - los angeles, CA
I previously read Donald Calloway's book, so enjoyed hearing his story in the 'first person'... Great witness to the faith! Jeanne - Los Alamos, NM
His honesty and complete summary of details how he ran from God and God ran after him Bettina - Tucson, AZ
I enjoyed this talk immensely. I bought this for a younger brother and decided I would have a listen first. I was captivated by this mans story from the beginning, and can really see the Holy Spirit working through him in the lives of the family and friends I will be recommending this CD to. Laura - Westmeath
I enjoyed his honesty about his life story and the journey it took to become a priest. If benefited me to know there is nothing you cannot do and not be forgiven. christy - tucson, AZ
The reality of being human and being lost sometimes. Reminds me to be in love with Jesus and god and be thankful he has been in my life all of these years. What a blessing my parents gave me. Hope that those out there without any faith or religion may some day know and feel the truth inside them. I thoroughly enjoyed the talk from beginning to end...the real ness of it all. Thank you so much for fr. Calloway and for sharing such an awesome story. My husband came from a broken home...now I know there is hope for him too. CA
I'm extremely grateful to Our Blessed Mother for praying for Father Donald. All praise, glory and honor to GOD for saving Donnie and providing us with a wonderful Priest!!! May GOD bless you all at Lighthouse Catholic Media with good health and happiness so you may continue to produce these wonderful inspirational, uplifting and encouraging resources!!! Betty Anne - Bowmanville, ON
the convention of the spoiled boy to becoming a priest Nairobi
I found it incredibly encouraging how God was able to completely turn Father Calloway's life around and use his powerful testimony to inspire the Catholic faithful! Such an amazing transformation that so many people wish they could go through if only they could stop turning back Nam-Son - Richardson, TX
I heard Fr Calloway's talk on Guadalupe Radio Network (GRN) in Dallas. Interestingly I first heard a portion of the talk last Thur. morning but not the end until I caught it again on GRN today. Last week I was so inspired by Fr Calloway that I purchase 2 tickets to see him at the Speaker Series later this month. The Church needs Fr Calloway and others like him (i.e. Fr. John Ricardo), or at least his story, in front of our youth. They need to see that our priests are human, have struggled, have turned around because there is no end to God's love and His amazing work in our lives. Thank you for your ministry. Jackie - Dallas, TX
I have a friend of mine with a rebellious teenager, I will share this Cd with her because I know that will bring her peace and Hope. Nancy - Collegeville, PA
We learned a lot of things. First off all,that anyone can convert to being catholic even if they're a gangster or a simple Christian. It also showed us that god has infinite mercy for everyone even gangsters and criminals. We couldn't stop hearing it since it was so suspenseful. We really liked this disk. Senovio - IL
My kids likes too love it. Big testimonio carme. - wyoming, MI