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Attack on Religious Liberty - Battle for the Faith in Mexico

Patrick Madrid

Patrick Madrid explores the history of the persecution of the Catholic Church in 1920s Mexico. He recounts the sufferings and martyrdom that thousands of Catholics endured to defend their religious freedom during the Cristero War.

This talk was previously titled "Battle for the Faith in Mexico: Viva Cristo Rey!"

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Customer Comments

This was a history lesson that will not be forgotten. Richard - San Diego, CA
It made it easier to understand the Cristeros movement. I also enjoyed the For Greater Glory movie more after listening to this CD. Steve, NE
Did a good job of explaining a part of our Catholic history many people do not know about. Carol - Shelton, WA
The stories of martyrdom gave me goosebumps. Derek
This was a wonderful CD on the importance of fighting for our religious liberty, and I think especially pertinent today for us in America. My husband's grandparents actually came over due to this persecution so it had an emotional meaning to me, listening to this and understanding more fully what this truly meant for them and how we can apply it to how we should be thankful for our liberties and fight to keep them because our greatest gift is Jesus Christ and the Church he gave us. Michelle
It made it easier to understand the Cristeros movement. I also enjoyed the For Greater Glory movie more after listening to this CD. Steve - Omaha, NE
It provided the history that is not as clear in the movie For Greater Glory. After listening to this, it helps to better understand the drive for freedom. Cindy - Meredith, NH
I really enjoyed learning a little about the history of Mexico and the Church at that time. It benefited me by allowing me to see the similarities between the government of Mexico in the 1920's and 1930's and United States government of today. It also made me realize how sometimes I take my faith for granted. It made me appreciate the freedom I have to be able to worship God. The idea of being complacent with my faith also struck me. I complain about suffering now but would I really suffer torture and death for Christ? The CD is a an example of Catholic heroism. Viva Cristo Rey. Omar - Salina, KS
The historical data was unknown to me. So much suffering for Christ - makes my weekly Mass attendance seem so small a price for my salvation. Would that I had such courage in the face of death. Thomas - Lockport, NY
This talk was very informative. I did not know the history of Mexico and the horrible events of the Church that were going on in the 20's and 30's unit I listened to this CD. An amazing talk. Well worth the listen! Steven - Franklin, MA
This CD was amazing!!! I listened to it after seeing For Greater Glory and it really gave me the background information I needed to more fully appreciate the movie. I listened to it at least 7 times and passed it on to friends and bought extra copies at church!!! Viva Cristo Rey!!!! Thank you so much for putting out this excellent CD, and thanks to Patrick Madrid for doing the research to get this story out where others can benefit from the knowledge of the Mexican resistance. Cynthia - Jupiter, FL
Of course, the subject, the persecution in Mexico, was not enjoyable, but what we admired was that Madrid has a close connection to the persecution. There were intimations that the situation in Mexico then is similar to that in the US today. This point was not made forcefully enough. Also, even though the Mexican government's attitude today is nothing like it was back then, the treason of the armistice when the Cristeros were so close to winning should have been discussed further, along with something about the road back to tolerance and even acceptance of the Church. Luis - Sahuarita, AZ
I am of Mexican decent, and I always wonder why a country with so many riches was still a three world country. I came from Mexico over 50 years ago and I still see the same problems there was then as now, nothing has changes. Now I understand and I see more clearly the battle between good and evil. Now I understand Rev chapter 12, our Lady and Satan, the woman of Genesis in full battle, Our Holy Mother. I knew it was a blessing for me being born in Mexico City, may God continue to bless the true Catholic for we will be reward. Alicia - Riverside, CA
It gave me background history to introduce showing of the movie "For Greater Glory" to our community. Pat - Kiel, WI
I don't know very much about Catholic history and was interested to learn about the Mexican persecution of the faithful. This CD was very inspiring and humbling; to think that we are free to worship and some take it for granted. Ellen - Westfield, NJ
I was not familiar with the Mexican history and all the sufferings and persecution that the Christians endured during that period. This talk was an eye opener for me!
Interesting facts on Mexico that I was not aware of. I thought this was very interesting and enjoyed it. Julie - Blacklick, OH
Inspirational...a little scary in the parrallels that we are seeing in our own country right now. chicago, IL
I had never heard about the fight for the faith in Mexico prior to this cd. This cd shows what all of us might be called to do to proclaim our faith in God. Our faith cannot be passive,but alive. We must be willing to lay our lives down for God if necessary,to proclaim our love for him. Many people through out the world are being martyred in our own time and their stories need to be told!! Maureen - Austin, TX
THIS TALK SHOULD BE SHARED WITH EVERYBODY but be careful with young children. This presentation By Mr. Patrick Madrid was one of the best presented, most informative,and most CHILLING talks I have ever heard. The parallels to what is happening in our country is frightening, the destruction of the Church, family and our religious freedoms in the name of Secularism and political correctness, starting with the indoctrination of our children, less the violence but the results are the same. The Martyred people of Mexico are surely with God for their devotion. Raymond - westfield, MA
The clarification on historic events in Mexico sheldon