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In God We Trust: Religious Liberty - Your First Amendment Right

Monsignor Eric Barr

During these challenging times there is a critical need to focus on defending our religious liberty as stated in the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. In these highly informative presentations, Bishop David Malloy and Monsignor Eric Barr show us that protection of religious freedom is fundamental for Catholics, as well as for people of all faiths.

Also including a brief presentation by Timothy Cardinal Dolan on faithful citizenship.

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Customer Comments

Very direct, talks to all religions, and that we need to listen to our consciences, be silent and listen to what God is trying to tell us. Thank you for providing this information to all. God bless you in all you do for America, and other countries. Carolyn, IL
I didn't really understand what religious liberty meant until it was explained on the CD. Greg - Midland, TX
Excellent speakers! Michael - Clinton, NY
It was non-partisan, but still stressed the importance of our God-given freedoms. Gary - Mishawaka, IN
I was so discouraged today, the day after the election. I went to church to pray for strength and courage this morning. I picked up this CD on the way out and have been listening to it all day. Even though the election did not go the way I wanted, the CD helped remind me that I need to have faith in God, that he is in control of all things. It has helped me understand more the importance of the guaranteed rights of freedoms we have in this country, and it has also given me the fuel I need to argue the Catholic view of the issues of this election. It made me more proud to be an American and a Catholic! Christopher - Olney, MD
This really showed who Bishop Malloy is and what he stands for. Monsignor Barr's talk really showed us that this fight is not something new. It will help us learn and see the symptoms of spiritual erosion of our faith by our government. Lee - Sugar Grove, IL
I appreciate that the critical issue of the current threats to the continuation of religious liberty in our country is being addressed. John - Clarkston, MI
Very informative talk about important issues facing this country. Monica - Helena, MT
In an increasingly secular society where violence, vulgar language, inebriation, and other unsavory behaviors are modeled as desirable ones in our media, it is a pleasure to listen to this publication. While the right to bear arms and freedom of expression are at the forefront of most Americans' minds, one seldom hears such a succinct and comprehensive overview of religious liberty. This freedom is, however, as crucial to our liberties in this country as any other, arguably more so. Our religious expressions give us a chance to embody God's word to each other and to our children. This talk reminds us of the power of such religious freedom, making it one of my favorites in the series. Tarman - Independence, MO
We are loosing our religious freedom. It is important that the religious and laity continue to fight the good fight. Joseph - Elizabethtown, PA
This was very informative on the subject even though a few years old. Especially this election year. The bonus talks were a great addition. Gerard - Chesterfield, MO
It made it clear that now is the time to address the issues of Liberty being eroded by the government as we allow it to happen. Peggy - Wichita, KS
Yes! There is a great difference between freedom of expression and freedom to worship. Thank you for finding talks that speak plainly to this fact. This is a MUST LISTEN for every person of faith, especially Christians and most especially Catholics. We have to keep fighting. Kim - AE